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EICT or English in Information, Communication and Technology Class is a special class because it is different from regular class. It uses national curriculum and emphasizes on science, technology and English. In this class, Science teachers will present the lesson fully in English. The students are also expected to use English in their learning process and communication with friends in the school area.

The teaching and learning processes in EICT class are done using not only indoor but also outdoor activities to stimulate students’ creativity, talent and ability. The main goal of this class is to prepare and create outstanding students, who will have better knowledge, ability and skill, especially in English, Science, and technology to compete in this globalization era.

To encounter the goal, intensive clinic and guidance for the ones who have low performance in score will be held in every subject topics based on the monthly score monitoring.

Selection Process

To join this class students have to pass some steps of selection, such as:

  1. Having qualified sorting average score in English, Mathematics, and Science in their previous school report book at least 75
  2. Joining the selection test placement for the material of:
    1. English written test of Science, Mathematics and English
    2. English Listening Test
    3. English interview

EICT special Program

English Speaking Habit

  • Learning process in English
  • Support English habit with friends and teachers in daily conversation.

IT Application

  • Most of the activities in teaching and learning process must apply ICT.

Outdoor Activities

  • Creative learning process to support subject mastering
  • Literary approach by attending English drama performance
  • Interesting activity to practice English with the native

The Project (annually)

  • Present the project and product experiment of Science and Art
  • English Performance (Drama)

Special Club

  • Language Club (English)
  • Science club (Math, Chemistry, Physic, and Biology)

Global and Cultural Awareness

  • Special interaction with GVGS’ exchange students and teachers
  • Has opportunity to be a host family for GVGS and Volunteer


online admission

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